TNVAT- Online Generation of backlog Forms

From October 2012 onwards under the TNVAT act, the dealers were required to file Annexure – I A in respect of purchases/transactions for which Statutory forms (viz Form C / Form F), are to be issued. This was done with a view of downloading the Statutory Forms (Form c & F) from the e filing portal itself. Till date these forms can be generated only upto six months from the date of filing. This was causing undue hardship to the dealers in generation of forms and many dealers were unable to download the forms which are more than 6 months old.

The TNVAT department has now announced that this restriction of 6 months for download of forms have been removed and now the dealers will be able to download the C forms pertaining to the period from October 2012 to October 2013.

The department has made this facility for the dealers to clear the backlog in issue of statutory Forms. This facility is available only upto 10th August 2014. All the dealers who have missed to download the Statutory forms from October 2012 can make use of this opportunity and download the forms online now.

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The relevant announcement in the TNVAT efiling website is reproduced below :-

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  1. In the case of C-Forms prior to Oct 2012 for which we have submitted a backlog C-Form request on the TN VAT portal, how long will it take till the CTO approves the request? We have submitted requests for a few C-Forms for FY 2011-12 and the early part of FY 2012-13 in May 2014 and the requests are still showing as “Pending” in the system. Thanks.

  2. You need to contact the jurisdictional assessment officers for approval of the same

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