The Government of Tamilnadu has launched a new portal for providing e-services relating to registration & filing in respect of TNVAT.

The New portal can be accessed at

The Salient features of this e-C Tax intiative of Tamilnadu Government are :-

1) New Dealer Registration and the modification of details with regard to existing dealers shall be done only this new portal.

2) All existing dealers shall register in this portal with the email id and mobile number and it has to be noted that email id & mobile number should be unique to the System.

3) Dealers who have not provided the PAN copies earlier can update their PAN in the new portal.

4) Complete online filing of returns and payment of taxes online has been introduced.

5) While transacting with the new portal, the dealers will be receiving both SMS & email notifications with regard to their transactions.

6) All payments including registration fees, tax payment, etc., shall be done only online and no cash/cheque shall be accepted at the Assessment circles.

7) Dealers will now have the option of filing their returns using digital signature. When Digital signature is used, there is no requirement for physical submission of returns/documents to the Assessment Circle.

8) Monthly returns under VAT & CST shall be filed using the new portal from the month March 2016. (i.e.,) Returns pertaining to February 2016 shall be filed on or before 20th march 2016 in the new Portal, along with the payment online.

9) The monthly returns under VAT & CST in respect of Jan 2016 (Due on 20th February 2016) shall be filed in the old website (

10) Online generation of C & F Forms upto the month of January 2016 can be done only in the old website (

11) With effect from 1st March 2016, e-transit pass (Form LL) shall be generated from the new portal.

12) In respect of movement of goods, Form JJ/MM/KK can be generated online.

13) e-Filing of monthly returns under TN Tax on Entry of Motor Vehicles Act (Dealers & Individuals has been introduced and shall be filed in the new portal with effect from March 2016 (Returns pertaining to Feb 2016)

14) Generation of Tax Deduction Number (TDN) by the deductors and online TDS payment has been introduced.  With effect from 1st March 2016, TDS payment shall be made only in the new system.

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  1. sir,

    01. i am the registered dealer, i sold taxable and exempted goods to end use consumers, they are not having tin nos. In new portal how i can fill up the tin no. for sales turn over.

    02. I have exempted goods purchased (fresh plants) from the un-registed dealers (farmers) now how i fill up the exempted goods purchased from un- registered dealers coloum

  2. Dear Mr. Sankar

    For sales to unregistered dealers, you need not give tin number & also need not fill the annexure. You fill all the annexures, generate the base form & in the baseform generated, you can manually enter the total sales to unregistered dealers. Ensure that you do this before submission.

    For purchases of exempted goods , you can fill the annexure 3, where TIN is not required. and you can give the same as exempted goods




  4. Sir how to get the acknowledgement and annexures if we dn’t get at the time of filing

  5. Mohammed Safiyullah

    i am a pharma stockiestand I supply medicines,tablets,syrup etc to medical shop and doctors with 5%, 14.5% and 0% vat…
    I have to fill which annexure , schedule 1 annexure or schedule 2 annexure

  6. Dear sir,

    I have going to file revised return for June’16 new portal i have changes only sales Annexure-15 only now i going file that one Annexure OR We have file all Annexure.

    And that extra payment amount how to pay the new portal

  7. Dear Sir,

    I have the following queries :-

    1. What is purchase under section 12 and what is exempt purchase.

    2. One of my friends having a supermarket and he has not filed any return from the date of commencement (Feb 2016) Kindly advice how to file return now.

    3. All are cash sales at counter. Please let me know where to show this in Form I and annexure.3.

    4. Some purchases are also cash purchases without TIN number. Please let me know to show this in the Return.

  8. Dear Mr. Wajid

    1) Purchase u/s 12 is the purchases made from a registered dealer. Applicable taxes on the same needs to be paid by the purchaser and the Input tax credit can also be claimed on the same.
    Exempt purchases are the goods which are exempted either by notification by the TN Government or the goods listed in Fourth Schedule of the TNVAT Act

    2) Returns from Feb 2016 to May 2016 shall be filed manually with the respective Assessment circle as the online efiling does not allow filing beyond 2 months. For june & july 2016, you can filed the same in the new portal
    ensure that the returns are filed to avoid cancellation of the registration

    3) Cash sales at counter is a sale to unregistered dealer. You need to enter the same in the base form directly.

    4) These are to be shown in the annexure 3 (unregistered dealer). As informed in point 1, these are purchases under section 12 and tax on the purchases needs to be paid by the dealer and next month you can claim the ITC for the same


    – Sridhar

  9. Dear Karthik,

    While filing the revised return, you need to fill all the forms and annexures. On submission of the revised return, the system will automatically take the credit of the amount already paid and you need to pay only the balance amount.

    – Sridhar

  10. After logging into the portal, click “Authenticate for e servics”

    AFter that, you need to click the link “Download documents”. You will be displayed all the acknowledgements.

    You can select the acknowledgement as per your choice and download the same

    Thanks & regards


  11. Supplies to registered dealers (stockists) shall be given in annexure 15.
    Counter sales/doctors sales shall be entered directly in Baseform.


    – sridhar

  12. After logging into the portal, click “Authenticate for e servics”

    AFter that, you need to click the link “Download documents”. You will be displayed all the acknowledgements.

    You can select the acknowledgement as per your choice and download the same

    Thanks & regards


  13. Form form k the procedure is slightly difference.

    You need to click the link file my return and under the vat forms, you need to select form k.

    Then upload and submit the form k

    After submission, you need to upload the annexures.

    Annexure 1 – purchase from registered dealer
    Annexure 2 – purchase from unregistered dealer (under sec 12)
    Annexure 3 – exempted purchase

    Kindly note that these are annexures for Form K and different from Annexures to Form I.


    – Sridhar

  14. Dear Sir,

    I have a query regarding for the stock transfer inwards we have to generate form F. For to generate first in the monthly return i have to give stock transfer details also.while giving those details in Annex -08, i have to Select type of firm but in Tamilnadu new portal form F option is not availble.

    Please help me how to sort out this situation.

    Thanks sir in advance.

  15. Dear sir
    I filed the revised return for the month of june and july as the correction in annexture 8(c form) on 15/09/2016. When can i get the new C form after the revised return.

  16. Dear sir,

    I am filing Form L in TNVAT Act, 2006. But in the new portal I am not able to see the form-L
    in the default setup. There is only Form I, Form I 1 and form K. I am also paying lump sum payment
    of Rs.1000/- p.m.for the sales in my restaurent under TNVAT Act.

    Please clarify me , how to file my return for restaurent and how to pay the tax.

    Thanks and with kind regards.

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