Easy Exit Scheme 2011

This scheme is applicable in respective of Companies which have been registered under the Companies Act,1956 , but due to various reasons could not be operative since incorporation or commenced business but became inoperative later on. These defunct companies have an option of getting their names strike off from the Register of Companies.

             In order the give an opportunity to those companies to close their business and strike off the name from the Register of Companies, the Ministry of Company Affairs has launched a Scheme namely, ’Easy Exit Scheme 2011’.

             The defunct companies and the Companies willing to strike off their names from the Register of Companies can make use of this Scheme and get their names strike off from the Register of Companies. This Scheme will be in operation from 1st January 2011 to 31st January 2011.

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2 thoughts on “Easy Exit Scheme 2011”

  1. Pinty Makhijani

    I have a Private Limited Company, with my mother as the one of the Directors of the Company??????? I want to close the company as we are not doing any business . I have a property in the name of the Company and want to know whether i can close the company without selling the property.

    Pinty M

  2. You cannot make use of this scheme. You need to go for the process of Voluntary Liquidation only.

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