Statutory obligations for the month of July 2013

The following are the Various Statutory Obligations for the month of July 2013.

Payment of Service Tax

The last date for Payment of Service tax pertaining to the month of June  2013 is 5th of July 2013. In case of e-payment, the due date is 6th of July 2013.

In case of payment by Challan GAR 7, click here to download the Challan

In case of e-payment of Service Tax, Click here to make the payment online.


Remittance of Tax Deduction at source

The due date for remitting Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) on Salary & Non-salary payments during the month of June 2013 is 7th of July 2013.

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Quarterly return in respect of Tax Deducted at Source for the Quarter 1 (2013-14)

The Quarterly in respect of Tax Deducted at Source in respect of Salaries / Non-Salary Payments has to be filed on or before 15th of July 2013.


Monthly Return and Payment of Tax under TNVAT

The monthly returns filing and the payment of TNVAT has to be complied on or before 20th of July for the month of June 2013.


Filing of Income tax return for Salaried / Non Audit Business & Other assessees

The Last date for filing of Income-tax Returns is 31st July 2013 in respect of the following assessees :-

1) Salaried Employees

2) Business Cases where the Turnover does not exceed Rs. 1 Crore and not required to get their accounts audited.

3) Other Assessees.

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