Know the format of your GST Number

Every taxpayer under GST will be allotted a State wise PAN based 15 digit Goods and Services Tax Payer Unique Identification Number (GSTIN). The various digits in the GSTN will denote the following:

How to read your GST Number ?

  • The First two digits represents the State in the Country where the registration is done. For Example, for Tamilnadu the unique code of “33” has been allotted and hence GST number of all assessees in Tamilnadu will start with “33”
  • Next 10 digits represents the Permanent Account Number (PAN) of the taxpayer. In case of Individual Proprietorship firms , the proprietor’s PAN number will reflect here. In case of other entities, the entity’s PAN will appear here.
  • The 13th digit would be alpha-numeric (1-9 and then A-Z) will be the entity code representing the number of registration of the tax payer (having the same PAN Number) within the State. For Example, a taxpayer with single registration within the state would have “1” as the 13th digit of his GSTIN. For the same taxpayer, the second entity will have “2” as the 13th digit of his GSTIN. This way, 35 business verticals of the same legal entity can be registered within a State.
  • The 14th digit of GSTIN would be kept blank for future use. As of now, the letter “Z” is in 14th digit.
  • The 15th digit of GSTIN will be the check digit.

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