Income-tax Consulting & Tax return filing

Income-tax return filing services for the following :-

  1. Individuals – Salaried employees
  2. Individuals – Business entities
  3. Companies – Both Private & Public Limited Companies
  4. Partnership Firms
  5. Limited Liability Partnership firms
  6. Proprietory companies
  7. Trusts
  8. Associations
  9. HUF (Hindu Undivided Families)
  10. AOPs

Our dedicated Income-tax desk also caters to your Income tax consulting with regard to the following :-

  • Assessment of Income-tax returns
  • Replying of Notices from Income-tax department
  • Recitifcation petition
  • TDS lower deduction Certificates
  • Appeals
Who are required to file Income-tax returns?

All assessees having income above taxable limits has to file Income-tax returns

What is the last date for filing Income tax returns

The last date for filing Income-tax returns is
31st July – for Salaried assessees and assessees not having any income from business on which books of accounts to be audited