How to make Income-tax payments online ?

How to make Income-tax payments online ?

             Tax payments offline (through challan) involves filling up of respective tax challan, visit to the bank and some times require another visit on subsequent day for collection of tax challans. This involves lot of time and effort and also involves the risk of handling cash. These risks can be avoided by opting for e-payment of taxes which substantially reduces time and effort and provides us the comfort of home/office for payment of taxes. Moreover the option of saving the softcopy of the challan will provide the assessee the convenience of saving the challan in their computers (or) send the same through emails to their tax consultants/others.

The following types of taxes can be paid online :-

1)      Income-tax for Companies & Non-Company Assessees. (Including Advance Tax)

2)      Security Transaction Tax (STT)

3)      Hotel Receipts Tax

4)      Estate Duty

5)      Interest Tax

6)      Wealth Tax

7)      Expenditure Tax

8)      Gift Tax

9)      Banking Cash Transaction Tax

10)   Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT)

11)   Tax Deduction at Source (TDS)

12)   Tax Collection at Source (TCS)

Though few of these taxes are not applicable, these details are provided for ready reference.

Mandatory E-payment of Taxes :-

For the following types of assessees, e-payment of tax is mandatory :-

a)      All Corporate Assessees.

b)      All assessees (other than companies) to whom provisions of Section 44AB of the Income-tax , 1961 are applicable (Tax Audit cases – Turnover above 60 Lakhs)

Pre-requisites of Online Payment of Taxes

1)      Permanent Account Number (PAN) (or) Tax Deduction Account Number (TAN) as applicable.

2)      An account with the authorized bank with facility of Internet Banking (including transaction)

3)      The bank should be amongst the banks that provide e-payment facility. Click here to know the list of banks providing this facility.

4)      Computer with Internet Connectivity and Internet Explorer. Many of the banks operate only on Internet Explorer.

Procedure to make e-payment of taxes

1)      Click here to go to the e-payment website of Tax Information Network.






2)      Select the appropriate tax payment as applicable :-

Challan No ITNS 281 – For TDS & TCS Payments for Corporates or Non Corporates.

Challan No ITNS 280 – For Payment of Income tax for both Company Assessees and Non

Company Assessees (For Income-tax / Advance Tax)

Challan No ITNS 282 – For Payment of Security Transaction Tax (STT) , Wealth Tax

& Gift Tax

Challan No ITNS 283 – For Payment of Cash Transaction Tax and Fringe Benefit Tax


For Example, we will select/Click ITNS 280 for making Advance Tax for the A.Y.2012-13.

3)      Let us assume we are going to make payment of Advance tax for Mr. X for the A.Y.2012-13 amounting to Rs. 100000/-.


a)      Select 0021 – Income-tax (other than companies) under the tab “Tax Applicable”.

b)      Enter the Permanent Account Number (PAN) of the Assessee. Please note, you need not enter your name any where. On submission of PAN, the system will automatically display the name of the assessee as per the IT Database.

c)       Select the Assessment Year

d)      Fill other details such as Door No, Name of premises,Street,Locality,City,State & Pincode. Out of these, City,State and Pincode are Mandatory details.

e)      Also fill the email id and Mobile No.

f)        Under the “Type of Payment” – Select the tax as applicable.- Advance Tax/Self Assessment Tax etc.,

g)      Finally, Select the Bank Name

h)      Enter the Captcha “Characters in the picture shown” to be entered in the box provided to avoid spasm.

i)        Please note that the fields marked “*” are mandatory and do not enter (“ “) in any of the fields.

j)        Finally click the button “Proceed”

4)      On clicking proceed, the next screen displays the complete details and also the name of the assessee corresponding to the PAN entered. After Confirming the details entered, Click “Submit to Bank” button.

5)      This will take you to the Bank’s Internet Banking Website where in you need to provide the Login details for the Internet banking and the option of entering the amount of tax to be paid will be provided after login.


6) After payment of taxes, you can print the challan and/or save the challan to your computer system (either as HTML or PDF file) for future use.

Other Information for e-payment of taxes :-

  • On confirmation of the payment of taxes, ensure that the challan is generated with the “Challan Identification Number” CIN
  • You can also check the status of the tax payment online here. Normally, this can be checked after a week of making the payment of tax.
  • If any problem encountered at the NSDL website while entering non-financial data then contact theTINCallCenterat 020 – 27218080 or email at
  • If any problem encountered while entering the financial details at the net-banking webpage of your bank, then you should contact your bank for assistance.
  • If you forgot to save/print the challan after making e-payment taxes,normally all the Banks provide facility for re-generation of electronic challan counterfoil. Kindly check the Bank website, if not then you should contact your bank request them for duplicate challan counterfoil.
  • All transmission through NSDL-TIN website is encrypted and is with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) authentication. With respect to the banks, it depends on the security measures provided by the bank for net-banking.

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